Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel

Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel is owned by Linda Jóhannsdóttir and her husband Ellert Finnbogason, who have years of experience in the hotel business.

The couple also own holiday homes in Florida that they rent out.  If you are interested please send an e-mail to: linda.j@guldsmedenhotels.com

The owners of Eyja Hotel have a strong passion for hotel managing and always go out of their way to ensure that their guests have a pleasant and memorable stay.

Please contact us: 

Linda Johannsdottir

Owners of Eyja Guldsmeden hotel

Linda Johannsdottir

Ellert Finnbogason


The culture & nature

There are countless reasons to visit Iceland and explore Reykjavik, known for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere and many attractions. The city offers interesting historical sites, museums, flourishing arts and culture scene, culinary surprises, bars, nightlife, shops and Icelandic design.

This sparsely populated island in the far north is a country of unspoiled nature, vast wilderness and a dramatic landscape with hot springs and glaciers, waterfalls and volcanoes. It is the place to find piece and quiet, enjoy the midnight sun and chase the Northern Lights.

In harmony with nature

Eyja Guldsmeden Hotel is a new boutique hotel in Reykjavik, operated by the guidelines of the Guldsmeden Hotels, based on sustainability and ecology.

At Eyja Hotel the emphasis is on local and organic food products and environmental responsibility. Iceland is renowned for its pure water and unpolluted climate, and recognized for quality food production, focusing on naturally grown, fresh and organic.